Who is BooBoo?

PetBooBoo was named after my kitten Boo (second name Bli ),
a beautiful and lovely persan cat.
He is a little shy and you can see him appear only at night like an teenager
or, as his name implies, a ghost.
Nevertheless, even with his strange habits and that grumpy look,
he is really lovely and absolutly friendly and quiet.
Our second cat is Fleur AKA Kill Bill.
She is the complete opposite of Boo as she has 2 personnalities :
the first one, inside the house or with human company,
is an adorable female always seeking for hugs and sleeping on you.
She adores you!
The second one, outside the house or with other cats than Boo,
is the biggest nightmare of every animal who unfortunatly crosses her path.
Cats, dogs, squirrels, racoons, name it, must run in front of this tiny white cat.
Even if she actually is clawless. Amazing cat!
We created Petbooboo Store for anyone who likes pets and nature,
and of course,
pets and nature love you more than you can imagine
and make your life much much better every single day. 
And because of this precious feeling good relationship
you have with your pets, 
our store do not offer only the habitual petshop stuff
and extend to a variety of features for your pet obviously,
but also for all the family
from clothing to home decor, bedding and more.
We take pleasure to find you the best quality and unique products
that you will be proud to use over and over.
100% satisfied is not enough ;
100% happy, joyful and satisfied is the very best that we can do.
Please, enjoy your visit at Petbooboo Store
and come over again and again
because we update our products selection and promotions
on a regular basis.
Thank you for your support
and do not hesitate to leave us your positive comments